Thursday, April 22, 2010

In celebration of Earth Day, consider a recycled pet!

Here at the Humane Society, we have lots of great recycled pets looking for new homes. Nothing is wrong with them- their owners passed away, moved and didn't take them along, got divorced or remarried or just decided to end their commitment to their pet for a 'people' reason. These recycled critters are in great shape and ready to be placed in a home where they can celebrate many Earth Days with their new owners.

Saturday, April 17, 2010


There is something special about having a brother

Even though it means you have to learn to share..

You still love eachother

Now little sisters on the other hand..

Are just trouble!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Murdock: the perfect man!

Meet Murdock!

He's got a great smile!

He is good with 'kids'.

Very athletic

Completely devoted.
And completely available. Come meet this handsome brunette!

Kitten season hits, foster homes required to save lives

Kitten season doesn't give us warning, it doesn't start small. It hits us all at once and we go from plenty of empty cages to crisis in less than 3 weeks. The bigger kittens we can find a spot for, fix and adopt out. But what do we do when babies under 8 weeks old come in? We can't adopt them out, we cannot raise them at the shelter, but we don't feel like it is fair for them to not be rescued just due to age.

That is where you come in!! We need foster homes to raise these babies. Honestly, fostering a mom with kittens is the easiest fostering experience you will ever have. You take care of momma, she takes care of the babies. You get to play with adorable little kitties, we pay for everything. You get to enjoy the litter with none of the responsibility of finding them homes- just hand them back to us at about 9 weeks old and we take care of that finding/screening homes. So please come to the shelter and fill out a foster application. We are happy to answer any questions, provide any equipment (crates, dishes, bedding) you might need and even come to your house to help you set up a kitten area and settle the crew in if it makes you more comfortable.

Easy, rewarding, super cute? What are you waiting for?!! Get yourself down to the shelter and talk to us!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Queen of the Cat Playroom

If you've visited the cat playroom lately you've likely met Gwenyth. a spunky dilute tortoiseshell manx.

She is queen of the playroom and rules with an iron paw.. she gets the best spot to nap, the best food bowl and the first choice of laps! She's the only girl in the playroom and keeps those boys in line!

The playroom is fine for now, but she's looking to move on up and reign over someplace a little nicer.. how about your home?

Friday, April 9, 2010

Gustaf the hound dog

Like many hound dogs we get at the shelter, Gustaf had probably had a rough life. He was covered in big ticks, unneutered, skinny and very dirty.

With some good food, veterinary attention, a bath or two and plenty of attention from our great staff and volunteers, Gustaf is feeling and looking much better. He's now hunting for a home of his own!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Get a massage, help the animals!

Stressful week? Get a massage and help out the animals at the same time! For the month of April, Kneading Palms Massage in Stillwater will be donating $5 from every massage to us here at the shelter! So give them a call, ask for Brandy and tell them the Humane Society sent you!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Everything Bagels

Outside of the bagel shop here in town, someone abandoned a litter of puppies. We got the little guys healthy, clean and ready for new homes. Everyone asks "What kind are they?". The best answer for these bagel puppies is "Everything".