Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Humane Society Calendars

The Humane Society of Stillwater has calendars for sale for $10! All of the money goes to support the animals. Come by the Humane Society of Stillwater to buy one!

One of the kittens adopted from us this fall starring in the calendar

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Consider a senior pet

When most people think of adding a new dog to their family they immediately think puppy. This is really rather unfortunate because while puppies are fun they certainly don't fit everyone's lifestyle and there are many great older dogs out there who would be a great match for you. Consider a slightly older dog.. and if you can find it in your heart, consider a senior citizen. Most of the time they are great dogs who have been loyal pets and have lost their owners to old age and illness. Yes, your time with them may be shorter, but it will be absolutely worth it. My family adopted a senior cat (he was between 12 and 14 years at adoption) and had him for almost 4 wonderful years- the sadness of losing him was completely worth those wonderful 4 years.
Here is just one senior waiting for her forever home with our partners at Animal Welfare

Nubbins is a 10 year old Rat Terrier who lost her elderly owner. She comes with a crate, toys, and is housetrained. For only 5 dollars, Nubbins can be a part of your family.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Support your local Humane Society this holiday season!

One of our dogs rescued from the puppymill having fun in her weekend foster home

We have several fundraisers and events going on this holiday season and we would love your support and participation!
We have calendars for sale at the shelter. They are $10 , all of which goes to help the animals. October features one of our very own shelter kittens!
At Hastings in Stillwater, we have Christmas tree ornaments for sale for $10. They are very special ornaments featuring our adoptable animals and made by students at Stillwater elementary schools.
We still need volunteers to help this weekend with showing dogs and cats at Petco. Contact us if you want to help out!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

No room at the inn....puppies thankful for holiday angel

Everyone says they love puppies, but when we are in dire need of a foster home for some, it seems like everyone's phone is off the hook! These babies were turned in at 3 weeks old- way too little to leave momma, and susceptible to any disease that might come through the shelter. They needed somewhere to go ASAP. Luckily in their hour of need a 'temporary' foster home stepped forward. So puppies and mom are safe and sound.. we will start taking applications and questions on December 20th and start sending them to their new homes in early January after they are spayed or neutered. We know they are cute, but for their own health and safety they can't have any visitors until after December 20th with an approved application. Yes, there are seven.. foster mom is a saint!

Penny enjoys life in a house much more than life on a chain

Mom dog Penny is such a pretty little girl
Mom is probably Lhasa Apso/Jack Russel

Penny and daughter

Saturday, December 5, 2009

My Christmas wishes for my foster kittens

I have the privilege of playing foster home to a wonderful mother cat and her 6 adorable little Calico girls. They keep me and my roomate entertained and busy! We absolutely love the little ladies and their patient mother. As they are starting to 'make weight' and get ready to be spayed and go to their new homes, I have come up with a few Christmas wishes for my foster kittens. So Santa, listen up!

Dear Santa,
I want my foster kids to have forever homes that will love them and delight in their antics as my roomate and I have. I want them to have forever homes that will commit to them for their entire lives, in sickness and in health, for richer or poorer and understand that new babies, allergies and moves aren't reasons to surrender a pet. I want my 'plain' little torbie kitten to be adopted just as quickly as her flashier sisters- color is just a paint job, and under her 'plain' coat she is a wonderful, sweet soul who wants to be loved. My heart is already breaking a little as I get inquiries on her all of her sisters and no interest in her.

I want someone to realize that their mother is so much more than a mama cat and is a wonderful individual herself who had her kittenhood taken away by early motherhood. (A wonderful individual who begs for table scraps and plays fetch with a toy mouse and makes us laugh every day!). Most of all, I want every single one of them to live long, healthy, happy lives with their new families.
Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Christmas parade!

Tillie on the float with a volunteer

The Humane Society of Stillwater had a float tonight in Stillwater's Christmas parade. We brought seven of our adoptable dogs and some great volunteers! Our dogs loved the attention and everyone loved our dogs! What a fun night- thank you wonderful volunteers that made it possible! If you want to be involved in activities like this in the future, join our facebook group for announcements!

Aimee and Tillie share some Christmas love

Aimee with her volunteer on the float

The float was cozy with dogs and volunteers

Tillie ready for winter

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Home for the Holidays: Cat adoption fee reduced for December

For the month of December, all cats and kittens are available for adoption for half of their regular adoption fee. That's right, come adopt a fixed, vaccinated, healthy cat or kitten for only $25! Make it a much merrier Christmas for your family and a new feline family member.

Boo doesn't want to spend his first Christmas in the shelter

"I spent my last Christmas on the streets.. hoping to spend this one in a home!"- Jezebel

Foster a pet for for the holidays!

No pet deserves to spend Christmas in the shelter! We are looking for people willing to open their homes and hearts to a lonely shelter pet for just a few days. We are closed the 24th and 25th, but you can pick up your animal of choice on the 23rd and return him or her on the 26th. If you wish to pick them up a few days earlier or return them a few days later, that can be arranged as well. Come to the shelter to make arrangements if you are interested in this program! There is no obligation for you to adopt the animal, we just want as many of our pets as possible to spend Christmas in a warm house with a family to love on them!

Monday, November 30, 2009

Earn money for us while you search

Want to donate money but don't have any to spare? Earn money for us at no cost to you by using Good Search as your search engine and selecting us (Humane Society of Stillwater) as your charity! With each search, a small amount of money is donated to us... at the end of the year, those small amounts can really add up if enough people select us and search on our behalf!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Adopt a teenager!

The sad reality is kitten season's kittens are.. well.. not tiny kittens anymore! Despite our best efforts to find them great homes, many of our kittens are growing up in the shelter. It breaks our heart that some of these babies may spend their entire kittenhood in cages!

Teenage kittens are great because they are not as fragile as the tiny babies- they are much better for children who may play rough and much less vulnerable to disease. Plus, you have a better idea of their adult personality than you do with a tiny kitten. So come in and adopt a teenager!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Black Friday Sale!

Sissy is free to a great home this Thanksgiving weekend. Good with dogs and kids, knows basic commands, fetches and has great recall.. what more can you ask for?

We are closed Thanksgiving and that Friday, but we are having a black Friday sale Thanksgiving weekend! Thanksgiving weekend, all black cats and kittens are half off (they will have an adoption fee of only 25 dollars) and most black dogs (puppies not included) will be half off. This only includes animals who are ready to go to their new homes that day. Huxley and Sissy, our longest term black dog residents, will both be available to good homes for no adoption fee.
And cats and kittens are adopt one get one free! We love for them to go home with a buddy.

"Don't forget.. tuxedo kitties are included in the sale!"

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Petco adoption day!

We had an adoption event today at Petco! No one went home from the event, but the animals had a great time and we did have a few people take applications home to think about it.. paws crossed!

Jubilee slept the whole day

Baby D had fun with volunteers and visitors

Hilary and Hogan in their puppy pen

Jefferson is quite a gentlemen

Juliet is people shopping

Some of our kittens at Petco

The puppies wrestling

Monday, November 16, 2009

Banjo: Too doggone smart!

Handsome Banjo

Somehow, we here at the Humane Society of Stillwater have ended up in custody of what may just be the world's brightest hound dog. He may look just like any other good old Oklahoma hound, but notice the special sign on his cage: Please place clip on cage. Banjo can open his cage and the front door of the building. It isn't unusual for a dog to figure out how to open their cage, but the front door is a new one for me!
So if you are looking for a pet that is not only fun and lovable but also a future member of MENSA, come look at Banjo.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Have some free time this weekend? A message from the dogs

The dogs just want to remind everyone to come out and play with them if you have some free time!

They really appreciate the time out of their cages and interacting with people. It helps keep them happy while they wait for their new homes.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Update on our Cockers

Birdie is enjoying life with her new family

Just a quick update on our resilient puppymill survivors. 7 of our Cocker Spaniels from the puppymill are adopted and thriving in their new homes. Also, one little Dachshund from the puppymill has found his new home through our adoption program.

Max has found his forever home and is a cherished pet

CocoPuff is still very shy, but is getting a little braver everyday thanks to volunteers working with her. Wallflower thought she found her forever home, but suffered another heartbreak when they decided they could not deal with the issues that came with our precious little survivor. Wallflower needs a home that remembers that even though she is 10 months old, she has not ever lived inside a house before and will need to be housetrained like an 8 week old puppy would. We are asking for an owner with a kind, patient heart for our sweet puppy. She is starting to grow her coat back in and looking lovely! We will have new pictures soon.
We have two new Cockers from the puppymill that just joined our adoption program this week, Sgt. Pepper and Eleanor Rigby.

Eleanor Rigby is a tiny black Cocker girl

Sgt. Pepper is a dignified gentlemen with two blue eyes

Little Eleanor Rigby is healthy and ready for a new home, but Sgt. Pepper isn't quite as fortunate. With all he has been through, poor Sgt. Pepper still has another hurdle to climb: he is heartworm positive. He will start treatment this week and we are all keeping our fingers crossed for him! His neck is all torn up from an old embedded chain, but should heal up nicely. Once he is healthy and has a full coat again, he will be a breathtakingly handsome dog!

We are so happy that all of these great dogs were freed from the puppymill where they were imprisoned and are on their way to better lives!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Two requirements for all adopters

Frisky and Fraidy's original owner raised them from kittenhood.. and then decided they wanted to travel and abandoned their middle aged pets. We found a wonderful home for them together.

People often come in and ask "What are your requirements for adopters?"
And the truth is, for the most part it doesn't matter if you have a nice big fenced yard or if you live in an apartment, if you are a single person or the Brady Bunch, a first time pet owner or looking to add to your pack... every pet has different needs, but we do have two requirements for all adopters.

First of all, you need to have patience. You are not bringing home a ready made Lassie- these pets are every bit as flawed as, well, you and me! You are taking home a living being with feelings who may have had a tough past. They may not have lived in a home before. They may be unfamilar with the sound of the vacuum cleaners or the concept of stairs. They need time to adjust to a new home- it can be scary. Fido may need some help with housebreaking, kitty won't know the difference between his scratching post and your couch until you teach him, and if you bring home a baby animal they will need to be taught absolutely everything.
Second, you have to be willing to make a commitment to your new pet. When you bring home a pet, you are making a vow.. for better or worse, through sickness and health.. that little life depends on you! They'll hold up their end of the bargain, it is up to you to hold up yours!

Tillie's first adopter returned her after one day.. because she barked. Tillie is hoping for a home that realizes she is a hound dog.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Wine for Whiskers: A Tiny Paws Kitten Rescue Benefit Wine Tasting

At the Humane Society of Stillwater, we try very hard to save all of the animals we can when their time runs out with Animal Welfare. But there is one precious group we just don't have the resources to save: newborns.
Holly saw that need and started Tiny Paws Kitten Rescue- she rescues mother cats with nursing babies and babies who need to be bottle fed.

A kitten who came into Animal Welfare with a mother too sick to nurse her. Holly bottle fed her and saved her life.

Holly saves countless little furry lives every year and Stillwater is so lucky to have her. But saving all of these babies certainly isn't cheap.
This Friday (November 13th) from 5:30pm - 7:30pm there is a wine tasting at Zannotti's Wine Bar (113 West Seventh Avenue, here in Stillwater) to benefit Tiny Paws. Tickets are 25 dollars and can be purchased in advance or at the door- $25 for 3 wine/beer tasting and appetizers.
So have some fun and help some furry babies at the same time!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Be a 'sweet heart' for a heartworm positive dog

Ruggles was one of the first dogs we treated for heartworms this year.

Before dogs are taken into our adoption program, they are tested for heartworm. Before January of this year, a positive test was an automatic denial to our adoption program. That dog's journey ended there, a red 'positive' written next to their name. It broke our hearts to watch so many good dogs go without a chance. So we decided to start trying to treat them. It isn't easy- the medicine is expensive, and the dog needs a foster home for a month to recover. We have been trying all year- we haven't been able to save every dog we have wanted to save, but we have been able to save some great dogs.

Hobo was treated for heartworms and adopted by a great new mom

There is no way to put a price on these precious lives- but that is the position we are in. If we don't have the money for the medication, we can't treat the dogs. We need your help so we can help them. It costs between 100 and 300 dollars for us to buy the medicine to treat a dog (size dependent). We had two great dogs test positive this week.. Mikos and Julian both deserve a chance at a new life! Help us write their happy endings

Mikos is a handsome young Border Collie found running stray with an old rusty chain hanging from his neck

Julian is a goofy little Boston mix with a big under bite and a blue eye. She has had a rough life but still such a cheerful demeanor.