Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sunflower's happy tale

We adopted out sweet Sunflower as a puppy 2 years ago. Her mom drops in sometimes and brings gifts for the still homeless pups and lets us know how Sunflower is doing. She sent us these great pictures and an update!

"This is Bailey, formerly known as Sunflower. I adopted her about two years ago when she was just a pup! Now she is a gentle giant weighing over 85 pounds. She loves going on walks around Boomer Lake, but I have to keep a tight grip on her leash, or she will try to take a swim! She is surrounded by love and toys in my house, and I don't know what I would do without her! Thank you, Humane Society!:

Seeing a puppy all grown up and so loved, happy and healthy is the one of the best perks of the 'job'!

Pet Watch from the director- 1/30/11

The first month of the year has gone very well for some of our long term cats and dogs at the Humane Society. Tula, Samonia, and Twix were cats that had been at the shelter for almost 6 months waiting for the right family to walk into the cat play room. Their day finally came! We often say that our animals pick their families and that is what happened for these three great cats.

Tula is now in her new home

Edgarda, Daisey and Hagan were three special dogs waiting for 4 months at the shelter before they picked their new families. Our wonderful volunteers and caretakers had been working with these dogs so they were ready to enter a home with some great manners. They were eager to learn and please their new families. There are many others wonderful dogs and cats waiting for the day they can pick their new families.

Edgarda has a new family!

The Humane Society will be selling roses for Valentine’s Day. “Roses for Rescues” will be raising money to help our animals at the shelter. Red, pink and yellow roses will be available. The cost is $30.00 for a half dozen, $50.00 for a dozen and $85.00 for two dozen. Delivery will be available for an additional $10.00 charge with all proceeds benefiting the Humane Society of Stillwater. Roses can be picked up, Sunday, February 13, 2011 from 10:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. on the corner of Duck and 6th Avenue at Cowboy Corner.

Our current “needs list” includes cat litter, paper towels, High Efficiency laundry detergent, dog treats, and HP 901XL printer ink.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Cringle: From street cat to house cat

Cringle came to us at the end of 2009, a tough looking street cat with an ear that had been torn in two at some point and healed back funny. Under his tough exterior we found a laid back teddy bear of a cat who charmed us all.

Cringle in his cage with Animal Welfare

Cringle's new mom came from Tulsa to look for a kitty to adopt. She had met many kitties but hadn't found 'the one' yet. She said after she held Cringle and then put him back in his cage he just stared at her and they connected- he was the one! Cringle went to start his new life with his new owner in January of 2010, she sent us an update and some pictures this week. His new name is Harley, short for Harley Davidson, because of his loud purr. He is an indoor only cat now with no other pets to compete with for attention. He is truly the king of his castle! We think he looks pretty darn satisfied with this arrangement.

"I think spoiled is a good look for me"

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Binks, a Cinderella Schnauzer story

Binks is one of the lovely Miniature Schnauzers in this picture his new owner sent us. But Binks didn't look like this when he came to the shelter. In fact it is hard to believe that this is the same dog who came to the shelter sick, matted and infested with fleas and other parasites.

We were able to clean him up a bit, this is what he looked like while he was with us.

Unfortunately he was still a sickly little guy but his new mom saw his potential and wanted to take him home anyway. We're so glad she did because now Binks is a healthy, happy Schnauzer and a very loved part of the family! Here are the rest of the pictures his mom sent us as well as an update on the little guy.

"He is doing wonderful. As you can see he has become quite the little SOONER fan.. Yes, I said Sooner lol.
I know he came from Stillwater but we couldnt resist.. :) Anyway, here are a few pictures of him from the last month or so.
The other dog is our other son/schnauzer Boston.. he is a little heavier than Binks.. Approx. 28 lbs!!
They both are our babies and we love them very much. Hope you enjoy the pictures!!"

Dogs like Binks are so lucky that there are people out there who are willing to see the potential in a shelter dog who may not be looking or feeling his best. What a Cinderella story!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Gustaf the giant hound dog

Gustaf is one of the biggest hound dogs we had seen in a long time! He came to the shelter dirty, skinny, unneutered and covered in ticks. We all loved watching Gustaf blossom during his time at the shelter and we were thrilled when he got a new home of his own last April.

We just got an update from Gustaf's family and it certainly made our day. They even included some pictures of this lucky hound dog enjoying his new life! What a happy ending for our favorite giant hound dog.

"Hi - We thought you might like an update on Gustaf. "Gus" is happy and well. He is such a sweet soul - and just loves to cuddle. I know-doesn't sound like you average hound. :) Gus lives inside but has 6 acres (fenced) to roam. He gets along great with our other dogs and pretty well with the horses. We just love him and so does anyone who meets him! Thank You to everyone who works and volunteers.."

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Pet Watch from the director- 1/16/11

The Humane Society gets very excited when animals are placed in their “forever homes”. It is always surprising when we think a dog is wonderful and he/she will be adopted quickly and yet they are still at the shelter months later waiting for their new family. Daisey and Hagan are two dogs that are loved by many, but they have yet to be adopted.

Daisey is a Dalmatian/Pointer mix and is about thirty pounds. She is white with black spots and is about a year old. When she first came to us at the shelter, she was only 6 months old. She is growing up at the shelter and though we have all come to love her it’s more than time for her to be with a family. She does great in the car and loves to go for long walks especially around Boomer Lake. She loves her best friend Hagan.

Hagan is an Australian Cattle dog/Blue Heeler mix and is about 35 pounds. He is white with black spots and is about a year old. He was found at a tractor store in Stillwater in August with his brother. His brother was adopted almost immediately, but Hagan remains with us at the shelter. He loves to play tug of war with Daisey and gets along with all of the other dogs. His favorite thing is to just sit in a lap and relax.

They are both great dogs and we hope that January 2011 will be their time to find their new “forever homes” so that they will have a great New Year.

Our current needs list include paper towels, Kong dog toys, High Efficiency Laundry Detergent, old blankets and cat beds.