Saturday, February 5, 2011

Hollie's Christmas babies

Hollie came to Animal Welfare a very pregnant stray. She delivered 5 healthy puppies on December 23rd and she and her puppies were moved to foster care. They were fostered by OSU veterinary students. They had the best start in life possible- they were cared for by loving people and socialized with adult dogs and cats.

Showing how small Tiny Tim, the runt, is

Puppy with a very patient foster brother

In good hands

When the puppies were a few weeks old they developed freckles!

The freckles confirmed our suspicions that the handsome Red Heeler Hollie was found with was the father of the litter

Handsome Stitch, the father of Hollie's pups

Stitch is a very sweet boy. He is now neutered and in a loving home

This week the puppies will go to OSU to be spayed or neutered and then they will be ready for new homes! (Hollie the mom already has a home waiting for her!)

Friday, February 4, 2011

Vivan's forever home

Vivian, a Pug/Beagle mix that many people call 'puggles', came to us in poor shape. She was skinny, sick and her poor little body was worn out from being used for breeding before she was left at the shelter.

We worked on getting her healthy, getting her spayed and putting weight on her. We put her picture on petfinder and it wasn't long before her new family fell in love with her and drove to Stillwater with their other 'puggle' to meet her and took her home. It wasn't an easy transition- Vivian had previously had a tough life and was accustomed to having to fight for everything. She didn't realize she would never have to fight for resources again and started fights with her new brother. Most owners would have called it quits and sent the poor puggle packing- but Vivian was lucky. Her new owners did not give up on her. They sent her to professional training and are now careful to remove objects that trigger fights. It restores our faith in people to know that there are adopters out there that understand some of our dogs come with baggage from their pasts but are worth the effort. We could not have asked for a better, more patient home for this girl! And despite the rocky start, her brother loves her anyway! Her new name is Chili.

"She has adjusted well to living with us, we love her to death"