Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Cupcake and Marni

Cupcake was turned into the shelter with her puppies. She was a very good momma and watched as one by one her puppies went to their new homes. One of her puppies, Marni, was very sick when she came to us. Once Marni got better she got to see her mom again

And while we certainly can't expect someone to adopt them together, we can enjoy their sweet reunion while it lasts.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Tiny: Hoping nice guys finish first this time

Tiny is a three year old Lab/ Shar Pei mix who came to the shelter when he was surrendered by his owner. His last home didn't take very good care of him so he is actually very excited to be here with us at the Humane Society! In fact, Tiny has a great attitude about everything. Tiny likes cats, loves children and is just the greatest guy ever when it comes to playing nice with other dogs.

Tiny is our go to guy for testing new canine arrivals for dog aggression- we know that Tiny is nice to everyone, no matter how they react to him. Tiny gently referees puppy wrestling matches, patiently allows rowdy youngsters to chew on him and keeps the peace during doggie play time.

Tiny doesn't cause any trouble at the shelter (he is even housebroken!), he is a joy to have around. He fully appreciates every treat, every walk, every pat on the head. We love him so much here that we are all rooting for him to find a home of his own! We tell him "Don't worry Tiny, sometimes nice guys do finish first!"

Monday, June 7, 2010

Something about Scarlett

So we really shouldn't have favorites..but there is just something about Scarlett. She came in young, skinny and caring for a litter of babies. She also had a funny snaggletooth, which we later learned was a result of her jaw being broken and never treated by a veterinarian so it healed crooked.

OSU veterinary school wired her jaw for us so it would heal and we babied her while her little broken jaw was wired and waiting to heal. Sadly, despite best efforts her jaw could not be repaired without another, more extensive surgery. We decided Miss Scarlet has been through enough already and since she can now eat and drink with no problem we decided that she can keep her crooked jaw and charming little snaggletooth. We think she's pretty adorable..and the tooth certainly gives her character! In fact, one of our caretakers has suggested she looks a bit like a mobster..

"Make me an offer I can't refuse.. like a new home!"

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Black pet sale!

Tiny knows that a black dog looks good with any outfit
For the month of June, all adult (over the age of one year) black dogs are only $40 and all adult (over 6 months) black cats are only $25 to adopt!

Squeek says "On the contrary, darling, I'm actually good luck!"
Sadly, black animals are the last to find homes. Blame it on superstition or poor lighting in shelters, but it just takes longer for our black beauties to find forever homes.

Can't adopt right now? Pass this message on to your friends or help one of our black pets get adopted by volunteering to take them to adoption events for us where black pets have a better chance at being noticed because they aren't in kennels/cages.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Long term resident seeks good home, adoption fee waived

Sedgely is the kind of dog who should have been adopted in a heartbeat- small, smart and easy to train, and cute as they come. But for some reason our poor boy has been waiting for his forever home since January! He has been a favorite of volunteers to take on field trips to Boomer lake and is always a good boy. He has helped us raise us and train several litters of puppies. He has a 'big dog' temperament so he gets to go out and play with the big dogs and always holds his own! He sits on command every morning for breakfast and waits to go outside to go potty. He loves to play with kids, but would rather play chase than be picked up. We all love him and wish he could find his forever home so his adoption fee has been waived to a good home! Come meet our Sedgely!