Sunday, December 19, 2010

Pet Watch from the director- 12/19/10

With colder weather arriving the Humane Society would like to remind everyone to take care of our dogs when you are walking them outside and for the dogs that stay outside it’s important to make sure they have shelter from the weather. The pads on a dog’s feet can be protected from the snow, ice and salt that is used to melt the ice by making sure their paws get a good cleaning after going for a walk and by keeping the fur between the toes cut short. For dogs that stay outside, make sure they have a dog house that isn’t too big so that their body heat will help keep them warm and use straw or hay as bedding instead of blankets, blankets hold in moisture which keeps your dog damp and cold. Fresh water and food are always important so make sure if your dog is outside that the water is not frozen and that they are getting plenty of food.

Edgarda is a black and tan shepherd mix. She is about four years old but loves to run and play as if she were a puppy. She does have a lot of energy and would be a great running partner. She gets along well with other dogs but she really loves to be with people. Her fur is soft like a Golden Retriever's but shorter. She is spayed, heartworm negative, current on her vaccines and is $50 to adopt.

Koto came in to the shelter very pregnant. Thanks to a very nice volunteer she was fostered and had 4 beautiful little babies. The babies have all been adopted and now Koto is looking for a home of her own. She lives in our cat play room with 6 other cats. She loves to greet people at the door and will cuddle if you promise to brush her. She is about two years old, she is spayed, FELV/FIV negative, current on her vaccines and is $10 to adopt.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Pet Watch from the director- 12/12/10

The purpose of the Humane Society of Stillwater is to facilitate the placement of stray and unwanted animals in desirable homes, establish and maintain an animal shelter and associated procedures which promote their care and health, prevent over population, and prevent cruelty to animals. The animals in our care are never euthanized merely because we lack space or because an animal has been at the shelter longer than a predetermined period of time.

We spay/neuter and vaccinate all of the animals in our care and do our best to give them a loving home until they are adopted into a home of their own. We could not do this without the generosity of so many wonderful people in our community. We would like to thank all of you that have helped us with our mission. But we have so many more wonderful animals that need our help.

There is one very special cat at the shelter who would really love to be in a home for the Holidays. Chloe is a blue cream, tortoiseshell, classic tabby. She is about 2 years old and, unfortunately, almost half of her life has been spent at the Humane Society. She is currently in our cat play room with other cats. She is very friendly and she loves to sleep in the bay window and soak up the sun. She deserves a wonderful home that will love her as much as she will love them. Her adoption fee is $10.

Daisy is another great animal. We think she is a Dalmatian/pointer mix dog. She was found roaming the streets and is about a year old. She loves to go for walks and loves kids. She has not found another dog that she doesn’t like and is a favorite of many to go for long walks around the lake. Her adoption fee is $50.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Kallie's forever home and best friend

She has adjusted very well, and quickly. Kallie is happy and loving. Kallie must have been housetrained by her first owners, she didn't need any direction or training from us. She gets along very well with our cat, and our children. She and our youngest daughter are best friends. She gets daily exercise by protecting "her" property from squirrels, and rabbits. Kallie also likes plays "fetch, then keep away" from everybody. She's a quick learner and knows all of our tricks in trying to get the toy back from her. When we visited the shelter, she caught our attention by being the only dog NOT barking at us and was looking up at us with her puppy-dog eyes. We took her out for a walk and played with her in the pen. She was (and still is) such a playful dog. We couldn't stop thinking about her and went back to the shelter to adopt her the next day.
-Kallie's family

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Cupcake finally gets her happy ending

Cupcake's life was not easy before she came to us. She was turned into Stillwater Animal Welfare scared and with a litter of seven puppies.

Cupcake, worried about herself and her little ones

With attention from volunteers and staff, Cupcake and her pups learned to love human attention. The puppies found homes but Cupcake's luck wasn't so great. Cupcake was adopted and returned three separate times. She had behavioral issues when left alone and she was still scared of men. We started to worry that the perfect home would never come along for poor Cupcake. Her luck all changed one day when she met her 'forever' mom, a veterinary student from Oklahoma State University. Here is a letter from her new mom.

Cupcake (now Emma) with her new mom and sister!

Emma (Cupcake) is doing great. My fiance and I love her to pieces and I'm pretty sure she's happy here too. Her and Addy get along and play so well together. She's obedient and very responsive. Over Thanksgiving we took her to east Texas with my family. We rent a cabin out there with lots of land, trees and a pond. She had the absolute best time. She likes to be in the water, but isn't too fond of swimming. But my parents have a dog too and the three of them played constantly. Emma is the fastest and they definitely were playing tag together. It was so fun to watch. We are still working on some things, but she's come so far already. My parents went nuts over her (once she warmed up to them) and kept saying they couldn't understand why people would ever bring her back. I"m in the same boat. But just thought I would let you know she has a great home and is dearly loved. And of course now she's sporting OSU gear.

Thanks again

Cupcake happy at home with her new sister

Lucky girl!

A thank you note from Pace's family

Ten years ago, my husband and I adopted a gigantic half-grown puppy from your shelter. He was half Border Collie and half Dane. His name was Pacer. We got a lot of grief for bringing him into our home because we had just brought home our first baby boy a few months earlier. It didn't take long for everyone to change their minds...
Very soon he was a part of the family. He would jump into the truck with the tailgate closed and we would drive to my husband's parent's house with our little boy laughing the entire five mile drive because his puppy was watching him through the back glass! He would jump over the sofa in the living room to get to the kitchen of our split-level home and chase a laser-pointer like a cat! He was a funny puppy and we loved him.
We moved to my family farm and he pretty much claimed it as his own. He chased all manner of varmints out of 'his yard' and followed us everywhere. He loved bonfires and hot dogs. In fact, it took one entire pack of hot dogs to give him a bath. He would sit perfectly still as long as he was getting his snack! He made us laugh.
Every new baby we brought home got his thorough inspection and it seemed like he thought that he was one of our 'pups' and that each new addition was another 'litter mate' for him. He went everywhere they went and kept them safe. Once, my second born got lost in the woods and I was searching frantically for him. When I got to the pond I started to cry. I was terrified. Pace came up and licked me and begged me to follow him. He showed me where he had found my son playing in the front yard, oblivious that we were searching for him!
He had the greatest life a dog could have. He was never tied or penned up. He slept on the floor all day. He was a pillow for the four sons we ended up having. We loved him. He was made for us. He wasn't allowed on the furniture but he would sneak up there anyway. If we came in the room and caught him, he would slide his front feet off the couch and look over his shoulder like, "Wow, how did my rear end get up there?!"
We just lost him about a week ago. He can never be replaced. He was the best dog I have ever had in my life. He didn't even seem like a dog, he was just part of the family. None of my children can remember life without him. This last summer our local paper printed him in their 'pet of the week' column. Everyone called to say they had seen that Pace was 'famous'! He should be famous...he may have been the best dog in the world. I swear that he knew he had been rescued and that he lived his life to pay us back for that.
In closing, this is a letter to say thank you to all of the people who do what they do so that dogs like Pace can be loved. They deserve to be loved. It is because of you that I have memories of my youngest sitting on Pace, who is taking up an entire easy chair, and sharing his for you, and one for me....with his puppy. It's because of you that my cousin could make the comment to his new wife, "This is Pace. He's the dog I wish I could clone!" You have given us the gift of ten years worth of happy memories with our dog. Thank you.