Thursday, December 10, 2009

No room at the inn....puppies thankful for holiday angel

Everyone says they love puppies, but when we are in dire need of a foster home for some, it seems like everyone's phone is off the hook! These babies were turned in at 3 weeks old- way too little to leave momma, and susceptible to any disease that might come through the shelter. They needed somewhere to go ASAP. Luckily in their hour of need a 'temporary' foster home stepped forward. So puppies and mom are safe and sound.. we will start taking applications and questions on December 20th and start sending them to their new homes in early January after they are spayed or neutered. We know they are cute, but for their own health and safety they can't have any visitors until after December 20th with an approved application. Yes, there are seven.. foster mom is a saint!

Penny enjoys life in a house much more than life on a chain

Mom dog Penny is such a pretty little girl
Mom is probably Lhasa Apso/Jack Russel

Penny and daughter

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