Saturday, March 26, 2011

An update on Penny and two of her puppies

In the winter of 2009 a dog named Penny was surrendered to the shelter with her 7 newborn puppies. Penny's life had been rough- she had lived on a chain and not received proper care or attention. Here are the posts from when Penny and her puppies first came to us and were placed in foster care.
We let Penny raise her babies, had everyone spayed or neutered and adopted them into good homes!
We have received great updates on two of the puppies and Penny!
Yen has been renamed Jubliee. This is what her new family shared with us!
"Jubilee loves being in the home and walking the neighborhood. She has her toys throughout the house, her doggie home filled with pillows, and her food and treats stash in the kitchen. She has her particular places where she hangs out the most, my bed when napping, on the tile in the entry way for sunlight and the back of the couch for lounging.

Yen, now Jubilee, in her home!

Dinar's new name is Bigby and this is the update from his parents! "We couldn't be happier with Dinar-Bigby! I included pictures of him doing his favorite things- playing frisbee, playing in the snow, snuggling near us and lounging by the fireplace!"

Penny's mom saw her on the internet and knew she was the one for her! She made the drive to Stillwater and fell in love. Penny's new owner tells us that Penny loves the grandkids and the cat! Her nickname is Velcro because she won't let her mom out of her sight. What a lucky dog- she has come so far from life on a chain!

Thanks to everyone who made these happy endings possible!

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