Sunday, April 24, 2011

Pet Watch from the director- 4/24/11

The Humane Society of Stillwater met this past Monday for their annual meeting. Elected board members for the 2011-14 term are Cheryl Chilton, Melissa DeLacerda, Cydney Foster, and Dorothy Meeks. Newly elected board members are Marilyn Middlebrook and Tienna Helford. We are excited to have these ladies join us. The HSS officers for 2011 are President-David Francis, Vice President-Pam McGraw, Secretary-Debbie Gann, Treasurer-Cydney Foster, and Liaison-Casey Fussell.

Adoption is one of the greatest experiences a pet owner can have when matched with a pet that matches their lifestyle and personality. Our “pet tales” are proof of this. We receive letters all the time telling us how one of our adopted shelter pets has made a difference in someone’s life. Here is a tale of Hank, one of our previous residents.

“Hank is our Chihuahua/Blue Heeler/Rat Terrier geese chaser! We adopted him from your shelter after fostering him, his mom, and three siblings. The mom was found in a ditch suffering from heat exhaustion last July and brought to Animal Welfare. After treating the heat exhaustion, it was discovered she was pregnant. All the while, the staff wasn’t expecting her to live to give birth because it was apparent there was something else wrong with her. She gave birth to four healthy pups, but couldn’t nurse them so the pups had to be bottle fed. That is where we came into this tale. My husband reluctantly gave me the “okay” to foster mom and her four babies. I wasn’t sure about taking in a sick mom who might not make it. But, fortunately, the vet found she had Rocky Mountain Spotted-Tick Fever which treated with a round of antibiotics, resulted in her quick recovery. She soon began nursing and caring for her puppies. She was a wonderful mother. It was inspiring to see her will to live and then care for her pups. It was such a joy to see her regain her strength and personality. The puppies were very smart and trainable. They kept us laughing with their antics. At 8 wks old, all the pups were adopted and mom too. Three days later Hank was returned due to the adopted owner’s jealous dog. His dog was going to hurt Hank. Hank had always been one of my favorites because of his tri-coloring so I convinced my husband we had to keep him. Hank is the most affectionate dog we’ve ever had and smart to boot. We love our “Hankster”. He’s also proven to be an asset on the golf course. He loves to chase the geese off the greens! Thank you for giving us the opportunity to experience mom and puppies and, most of all, add Hank to our family!”

Don’t forget the Young Professionals Golf Tournament at Lakeside Golf Course is Friday April 29. Registration/lunch will begin at 12:00 and a shot gun start at 1:00. The tournament fee is $85 per person. You can take a look at our animals by logging on to the website We can also adopt out the great animals from Animal Welfare when they are closed on Saturday and Sunday. So, please consider adopting and stop by the shelter. Our hours are: Monday - closed, Tuesday through Friday 1:00-6:00, Saturday 11:00-5:00, and Sunday 1:00-5:00. We are located at 1710 S. Main Street in Stillwater. Our current “needs list” includes cat litter, paper towels, High Efficiency laundry detergent, and kitten food, dry and canned.

We invite anyone interested to join us at our monthly HSS meetings. The next meeting will be held at the Stillwater Chamber of Commerce (409 S. Main) 7:00 p.m. on May 16th.

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