Sunday, April 3, 2011

Pet Watch from the director- 4/3/11

The Humane Society of Stillwater placed 34 dogs and 12 cats in their Forever Homes last month. It makes our work so rewarding when we hear back from the wonderful families that give one of our homeless animals a new life.

Leiko was a beautiful Lynx Point Siamese mix that came to us as an adult. She had slightly crossed eyes and even though she was about 3 years old she acted like a kitten. Her new family had this to say about the newest member of their family. “She loves her home and us. It is now Her House and we are there to serve her. Wherever I go she goes, she lays in my lap or right behind my head on the couch. She sleeps with me or one of her girls, but always there to wake me up at 6. She head butts me then gives me a kiss to wake up. I love this cat. I love Leiko more than any cat I have owned. She is just a sweetheart; she doesn’t meow for any reason. She talks when I talk to her. She loves to snuggle with me. I couldn’t ask for a better friend. She loves to be a Pet, because she expects us to pet her. She loves to be brushed and nails clipped because I massage the bottom of her paws. People ask where she was adopted from and we tell them she is Poke from Stillwater!”

Hearing these stories from wonderful families that have given one of our great animals a new home, makes what we do so rewarding.

We can also adopt out the great animals from Animal Welfare when they are closed on Saturday and Sunday. So, please consider adopting and stop by the shelter. Our hours are: Monday - closed, Tuesday through Friday 1:00-6:00, Saturday 11:00-5:00, and Sunday 1:00-5:00. We are located at 1710 S. Main Street in Stillwater. You can also take a look at our animals by logging on to the website

Our current “needs list” includes cat litter, paper towels, High Efficiency laundry detergent, kitten food and white printer paper.

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